Verb. The act of being so engrossed in technology in the car that one begins to drive like an Asian person and drift from lane to lane.
Example 1.

Dude 1. Bro! I was driving home and a bitch Tokyo Drifted into me!

Dude 2. Man that totally sucks. Goddamn smart phones and navigators are too interesting.

Example 2

Dude 1. Holy Shit Bro! We almost Tokyo Drifted into that wall!

Dude 2. Damn, my bad I'll stop texting my girl.
by YutYutDevil November 14, 2011
Noun: Similar to Crop Dusting, a Tokyo Drift is the act of farting and then walking away causing the smell to drift past others. In this case, the smell of the fart is nearly the same as asian cuisine.
Goddammit, did you just Tokyo Drift me? That shit smells just like Kung Pao Chicken!
by stlhorn January 25, 2012
Similar to skidmarks. The outcome of not wiping your ass properly or sharting and not being able to wipe or shower for an extended period of time; this results in very long and wide shit marks in undergarments.
A: Hey bro, can you drive fast?! I'm sharting my pants.

B: Sorry man, can't go any faster. You just gonna have to deal with your Tokyo Drift.

Hey babe, I bleached the hell outta your underwear but I couldn't get that Tokyo Drift out.

The stall was out of toilet paper; so I guess I'm gonna be stuck Tokyo Drifting today.
by BuzzKillingfield February 11, 2011
The Act of multiple men jizzing on a floor(prefrebly tile but definitely not carpet) and sliding Japanese/ Side eyed women across it
Man, That party was off tha hook last night. The best part was when we went into the kitchen and had our Tokyo Drift, Tod's bitch went the fastest.
by drift them bitchezzz June 23, 2009
to do something that is unnecessary or anything that looks unnecessary.
That third nipple is tokyo drift.
by phillizzle May 01, 2006
the worst movie possibly made. don't get it. destroy it if you have it.
tokyo drift was not worth 10 bucks. i don't think it was even worth 10 cents
by jerrard January 01, 2007
a style of racing developed on the rough tokyo streets. drifting is when the car skids and over exagerates a turn, usually this is a bad thing but this is the whole point of the tokyo drift
the cars are lighter, the wheels are slick. when you drift, if you aint outa control, you aint in control - tokyo drift
by ChrisJackson October 03, 2006
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