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2 definitions by BuzzKillingfield

Similar to skidmarks. The outcome of not wiping your ass properly or sharting and not being able to wipe or shower for an extended period of time; this results in very long and wide shit marks in undergarments.
A: Hey bro, can you drive fast?! I'm sharting my pants.

B: Sorry man, can't go any faster. You just gonna have to deal with your Tokyo Drift.

Hey babe, I bleached the hell outta your underwear but I couldn't get that Tokyo Drift out.

The stall was out of toilet paper; so I guess I'm gonna be stuck Tokyo Drifting today.
by BuzzKillingfield February 11, 2011
5 12
An anus or asshole.
I ripped my bungie open after taking that hard shit.
by BuzzKillingfield February 11, 2011
15 32