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The somewhat disappointing realization one has shortly after fucking a hot Asian hooker in the ass for $3 that something is horribly wrong.

It becomes obvious somewhat belatedly, that although this is the hottest chick you've ever banged, a quick post-coital inspection reveals that she appears to have a penis.
Honey, there must be some mistake - I must have gotten it from a toilet seat - or maybe that fuckin Tokyo Surprise.
by Joshua James October 11, 2006
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A sexual act developed by Tokugawa Ieyasu early in the 17th century. Combining aspects of Kama Sutra, Acupuncture, and Erotic Asphyxiation, its resulting orgasmic pleasures are so great that it cannot be described by any English words. Only truly understood by a handful of the Japanese sexual elite, it is rumored that one of these select few is attending university somewhere in the state of Virginia.
"Yo Jumpei, why did those girls run out of your room crying last night?"
"I tried to give them the Tokyo Surprise, but they just couldn't handle it."
"That sucks."
by Yusun Won October 10, 2006

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