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The brilliant combination of the two characters Toph and Sokka (from Avatar: The Last Airbender) and the Ruby/Sapphire generation starter water pokemon: the mudkip.

Toph + Sokka = Tokka
Tokka + Mudkips = Tokkips

It all started when CubieJ -a legendary purple Jinjo- while high on Tokka with her friend The Dookster, shouted out "I HERD YOU LEIK TOKKIPS!?" And the madness continued on from there.

Fanart has been pouring out of Cubie and Dookster in this subject. If you see one blue and one green mudkip that have specific traits of Toph and Sokka: there you go, you have gazed upon the Tokkips.

Logically, Toph is one part Earth, and Sokka is one part Water. Therefore, Mudkips make a great way to represent Toph and Sokka.
Dookster: Aye, I do thar. They make great Tokkip Chip Cookies, eh?
Cubie: Indubitably.
by The Dookster December 09, 2007

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