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A combination of the Pokemon, Togepi when it had intercourse with a Jewish penis (circumcised) and resulted in the birth of the Queen of Togepenis namely Claire, who dedicated a blog to the memory of the almight circumcised Pokemons who never found the spotlight.
She blogged the Togepenis out of that Pokemon's circumcised cock.
by mytogaglows November 23, 2010
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When Togepi and penises combine to create the tumblr ~f4m0us~ Togepenis who posts about cute guys/girls, Pokemon, and cats. Her trademark is her extreme use of sarcasm and witty retorts to people who ask her dumb questions. She is not to be taken seriously, and if you do you will be mocked mercilessly. It is unknown the exact number of followers she has as it is always growing, but it is definitely in the thousands, making her Tumblr famous.
Anon: Togepenis don't like me
Claire: GTFO ~~*~
by myglassbottle November 24, 2010
The queen of Tumblr-
She is a complete bitch that no one can resist.
Slut: "OMG Togepenis called me a slut and told me to die!!!!!11!!!!!111111"

Cunt: "OMG NO WAI!!!!1111!!!1!! UR SO LUCKY"
by Anonynous anon anon anon anonn November 23, 2010

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