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Todayism a political/religious ideology started in 2002 is a culmination of conservatism, Socialism, Realism, and Liberal Practices. Todayism is conservative on its belief for hard crimes and punishments for individuals who break the law. It is Socialist by wanting to alleviate the disparities between the rich and the poor, and attempt to distribute the wealth amongst all socioeconomic classes. Not necessarily having the rich carrying the poor, but taxes depending on income made within a household increasing as individuals make more money, and tax credits for individuals who are poor, or are able to raise themselves out of poverty and off government aid. Todayist support the realist thought of individuals being in competition with each other and will only work with others if it means there own gain or survival. Todayism is liberal when it comes to new social trends i.e. (Gay, abortions) allowing them to take place and have equal rights as there counterparts. Furthermore, economically Todayism is liberal, wanting the market to flourish on its own and be free, but will impede on transactions that will affect the system in the end.

Religiously Todayism does not have a set path of beliefs or rituals that are said to be the only way to salvation. for a Todayist living everyday as it is your last, by which living with no regrets only engaging in something that would benefit you, will ultimately reward you in the afterlife if there is one, or to a better form is we do reincarnate. otherwise, shit happens, and you will have nothing to regret because you lived with no regrets from not partaking in things that you would regret.

Todayism is not like Atheism because although we do not think that there is a god because shit happens, we are accepting that there could be one, but there are no guidelines or protocols that must be followed or attained to reach him or her or it.

Anyone could be a Todayist if there accept these principles if you would even call them that, but not force them on other people as certain belief systems attempt to do.
Believers in Todayism are {Todayist}.
by Da_Gr8_One_JM July 08, 2009
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