An object, as used in countdown by Moss from The IT Crowd.
Good morning, thats a nice tnetennba!
by ckj.xox July 03, 2010
Something nice to greet the day with.

(see: The IT Crowd, season 4 episode 2)
Good morning, that is a nice tnetennba.
by tnetennba July 03, 2010
A hat made out of netted material.
Good morning. That's a nice Tnetennba.
by JB42 June 30, 2010
A form of clothing, usuall worn by geeks, or winners of the popular television show 'Countdown'
Good morning, thats a nice tnetennba!

Oh i do like your tnetennba, do you watch countdown?
by SurferTys July 05, 2010
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