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swedish slang for speed
That tjack is dope, maaan. I´ve been up for 9 days.
by UrkTheMan December 17, 2007
T-Jack is always ballin' and lookin' for some coochie cleavage. Is situated in the mean streets of Tredworth and can be found breaking or dropping some heavy freestyle rap with the brothers in the hood. He is very good at maths and particularly good at finding the T-Total. He has a huge coochtable and is not afraid to use it. Also known as T-Jackalypse, Big Jacka, Junkmaster Jex, The Jackmaster, T-Bar Mighty, T-Dangerous, Madd Jacka, Jack Flexx, Nasty Jacky, T-Jackulate, T-Bone Steak, T-Foxxtrot, Roger T-Hat, T-Dreddinator, T-Treoill, T-Juxxalot
What you sayin'? Did y'all brothers see T-Jack drop those sick riddims the other day? He be brewing some coochie stew up in hurr! You aight though?
by Jacka January 04, 2007