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A last man standing game played under the influence of strong narcotics or hallucinogens.

Each player needs 1 knife and 1 glow stick/necklace. Players are also recommended to wear footie pajamas.
Once each player has taken a drug is intoxicated, each player takes their knife, and the lights are killed. After this anything goes to kill your opponents, who can only be identified by their glow necklaces in the dark. After a set time, the lights are put back on, and the last person standing or alive is dubbed 'King of the Tizzle Wizzle Game.'
James Franco is a pro at Tizzle Wizzle; he's never been stabbed once in his entire career.
by Billiam James December 23, 2009
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Alternative form of Tunbridge Wells, a spa town in south-east England.
Are you coming to Tizzle Wizzle tonight for the party?

Why are there so many chavs in Tizzle Wizzle?
by Leif999 November 06, 2006
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