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Greek goddess of boobs
all hail tiziana, goddess of the heavenly fun-bags!!!
by Ryan April 30, 2003
Described in the sense when speaking about an Italian-born lady. Usually best described as funny, pretty, and family-oriented; makes quite the girlfriend for any lucky man out there. Very easy to get along with such an easy going attitude. While she may be very shy about how the name is really pronounced (like titsiana, just like pizza), many of her friends admire the uniqueness of such a name. Is usually shortened into many other names as many people cannot usually pronounce it right, and is always mistaken as an African American name- always.
Who's that girl? She seems really easy to get along with!
Oh, she's just a Tiziana.
What a black name!
Not really, she was just born in Rome.
by Serrprize January 19, 2011
Small flying Italian girl, whos bosom makes up about half of her weight.
Careful Tiziana, dont shimmy too much, you'll knock yourself out.
by atreyurock07 March 01, 2007
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