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The act of taking ones nipple between your thumb and forefinger and twisting with great force. Considered a term of endearment in high school athletic circles.
Geeze, my nipple is still burning from that killer tittie twister I got in gym class!
by Whiplash January 07, 2005
When a man, or woman, takes there hand and grabs a woman's, or man's, boobs with their fingers and squeezes and turns the breast until it hurts. Some people get offended by this becuz its mostly men trying to touch womens breasts.
My boyfriend grabbed by tit and gave me a tittie twister and i thought my boob fell off!
by dnf December 29, 2005
YESSS Tittie twisters are when your bored and pissed so you twist sombodies man boobies.. Or woman boobies.. Usally people like these but too afraid to admit it.
I got bored and I jumped on Jimmys fat ass chest and gave him a massive tittie twister... Twist this mofo i said to his anus!

I was a horny lesbian one day.. So i grabbed stelas mini Mexican boobies and ripped them off and ate them! Yesss! I owned you with a tittie twister!
by God321 February 07, 2007
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