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It`s actually a commonly used german word in order to bespeak the "female breast". Warning: Be advised to not use it in the presence of elders and betters due to its vulgar character.
Wow, Alter, die Braut dort drüben hat hammer Titten!

(= "Dude, check this chicks tits over there!")

Was meinst du, soll ich mir meine Titten richten lassen?

(= "Do you think I should fix my titties?"
by JuicyJulez May 10, 2010
The act of warming ones hands beneath one's breasts. Can be own or someone else's.
"I forgot my gloves, c'mere. Mmm, tittens."
by Jonathan Mohr November 26, 2007
a term used for small boobs
Look at the girl with the tittens!
by Tim Pizzle July 11, 2003
small boobs, but firm enough for squeezing
yeh whatever you say that chick had tittens but i could still squeeze em
by Big B August 19, 2003
Little Boobies. More appropriate when describing little underage breasts.
Regenald: "Dude your little sister just hit on me."

Megosh: "Did she to show off her tittens."

Regenald: "She tried."
by Sam Straner March 23, 2008
A special mitten that covers the breast's of a woman.
"My tits are so cold! Where are my Tittens?
by JAB's September 01, 2011
A cat that is ten years old or older but you still refer to as a kitten.
Tidus the titten is so adorable.
by Robertoast July 04, 2016
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