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Tiskop are village people. They are also known as "nasha toora" meaning "mountain people". They tend to live in the metropolitan areas of San Diego and Detroit. They are known to have janitorial jobs in their hometown of Iraq. They are frequently spotted in family gatherings that usually require some sort of dish for entrance. If food or other appetizers are not provided, you will be frowned upon. Such examples of food are Riza Maraka and Kibi Hamith. Tiskopies tend to own small businesses such as gas stations, pizza parlors and dry cleaning services. They seem to have a herditary trait that allows them to produce sets of twins with colored eyes without any genetic altering. They are known for hair styles consiting of large spikes, with a taper fade on the side. Some have spotted a rare bread in the suburb of Rancho San Diego. This family of Tiskopies match all the traits of Tiskopies such as businesses, hair styles, and birth characteristics.
What village are you from bro?

Tiskop for life
by Nasha Toora January 31, 2009
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