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When two men take the heads of their penises and gently tap them together for a moment. Sort of like a high five using dicks.
I don't know what to think about Josh. He tried to tip tap me in the YMCA locker room.
by ConcentratedJuiceCamp May 09, 2009
24 6
When a lady type uncovers her bosoms and proceeds to bludgeon your face with her breasts, sometimes to the point of severe bruising or contusion.
I stood in front of that dime piece and she gave me tiptaps. But it was chaps for that bitch later that night!
by Chap Master E-Zee October 20, 2005
5 4
When a man slaps his penis on the forehead of the person who is tea bagging tea bagthem
I gave the missus a tip tap whilst she was tea bagging me last night
by Mathew Jacob June 11, 2004
6 10
1. the sound of orbs falling lightly on the ground

2. small orbs tiptap, while large orbs "bloop"
"the orbs lightly tiptapted onto the ground"
by tip January 06, 2005
1 6