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A cute , smart , funny, girl that all the girls want to be friends with. She has a nice body and an awesome athlete. All the guys want her. But only a few can get her. She is probably the most beautiful girl in the world. Any guy would be lucky to have her. She has the cutest smile you'll ever see. She is so perfect that if you cant deny walking up and saying hello. But its too sad because she is taken. She has guys comment cute stuff on her pictures on instagram but she only wants one guy. That guy is the luckiest guy in the world
Guy 1: " Hey dude have you heard about Tionne?
Guy 2: " Yea bro everybody knows her she is so beautiful."
by Og.lefty615 July 22, 2015
Usually only attractive in the dark. Male version of a butter face.. Very nice teeth though. Great smile. Seems to have good lines but usually has to look them up before he goes out. Not a bad dancer but make sure you dance in a dark room... Large creepy mustache. Mer. Doesn't know how to take a hint- the negative side of persistence.

A cocky bitchmade cheater...who has nice fitted caps... will completely deny his girlfriend to any girl even if she calls him out on it.
Girl 1:Girl I saw that boy you gave your number to at the dance the other night. He was all macked up with some chick.
Girl 2: Really? He's been talking to me non-stop. He turned out to be such a tionne.
by rawrfest December 07, 2011

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