Tinymen are believed to be small ant like creatures which live in a persons anal region, for example, let's say person 1 is Mark1 and person 2 is a random man.

The ATMA(Anti-Tinymen-Association) believe there is no such thing as Tinymen.

It is believed Dr Watson found Tinymen in Sherlocks butthole while looking for a clue.
Person #1 - Fuck me in the ass, mofls.
Person #2 - Last time i fucked you in the ass i found tinymen.
by notpaul November 11, 2006
4 Words related to Tinymen
Adult male who is strong and solid, but tiny; not necessarily in height or weight.
Joseph, you are a tiny man.
by Rad-a tat tat June 07, 2013

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