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Tinychan is a bulletin board system (BBS) which is operated by a system operator (SysOp) known as Jan.

The community is semi-anonymous - that is, you can choose to remain under the anonymous default, or you can give yourself a name using a tripcode which makes it easier for other users to identify you.

Unlike similar BBS forums, such as AnonTalk, Tinychan permits discussion which is not 100% relevant to the topic in which it is posted. While this may seem disorganized, it is a much more efficient way of running a board than enforcing stringent rules, which can be seen on Tinychan's archenemy, AnonTalk's board.

Tinychan has a number of helpful mods who are all very welcoming and enjoy a hearty chuckle (especially if it's at the expense of Kimmo Alm, the SysOp of Anontalk).
Jamie: Man, I am so sick of that pedophile-ridden board, AnonTalk. I wish I could find another anonymous board which doesn't have those nasty pedophiles or those fucked up rules.
Natasha: Have you tried Tinychan? It's practically identical, but over nine thousand times better.
Jamie: Thanks. I'll have to check it out.
by ThePringleChip February 21, 2010
Tinychan is a compact imageboard optimized for mobile phones and other handheld devices.
Jan - Hey man check out Tinychan on my iPhone
Murray - iPhone? You are such a fucking faggot
by Salted Penis October 05, 2009
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