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To make up a fact. Tinktistics are fueled by ego, girls, and the apparent knowledge of everything in the universe.
John: Dude Bro! The ice in the percolation chamber makes the smoke way cooler, and it hurts your lungs less.

Kav: No it doesn't. it only makes it go deeper and hurt more. Trust me i've had this bong for a long time

John: Hogan Rogan! no it doesn't, your wrong. there are chicks here and ill look like a douche if im not right about everything.

Kav: How do you know that it makes it hurt less, its possible that the cooler smoke goes deeper into your lungs and hurts even more.

John: Bro no way. dude omfg your so wrong i know this dude its a fact.

Kav: How do you know this?

John: Its a tinktistic
by Dweeger Bumblefut May 13, 2010
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