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A decent virtual game by GCREST. The game's style is based off of manga and anime. Users can customize their avatars (aka Selfy) and their with room with a variety of interior items. TinierMe is known for licensing multiple franchises such as Vocaloid and popular animes that are usually for campaign events. Users can also play games, interact with strangers with similar interests, earn Chibi Coins etc. However, the downside is that one can only have fun if they purchase G-Coins, a virtual currency in TinierMe, that costs real money. G-Coins are mainly used to play gacha, a feature to get a random item where it is costly and somewhat addictive. There are also scammers and greedy people in the trading section so be careful. Another thing to know is that this game is infested with weeaboos. A majority with them will have a Japanese name follow by a honorific such as "chan", "kun", etc. They often speak the weeaboo language such as mixing basic Japanese words in their sentences. Most of them have their Selfy wearing punk clothing as it is a popular trend in TinierMe for some reason. Yuri fangirls also play as a male Selfy and fantasize about having a in-game relationship with other male Selfies. The community is generally nice, but there are arrogrant people; with most of them ignoring new players. It is advised to play with friends or family members in order to have a enjoyable time. Overall, not a bad game if you exclude the weeaboo, yuri fangirls, and the G-Coin currency.
I like to play TinierMe casually but the damn weeaboos keep spamming "kawaii" and "desu" in the chatbox.
by Libra015 October 16, 2011
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a fun virtual game where cool chinese and other people play games,trade,join fantasy groups,and chat
person:hey josh, are you going on tinierme today
josh:yeaa man i need to trade Pastor's Hat for somethin and then go edit my trading page
by ninjas46476 July 19, 2010
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