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the literal meaning of the word is a "box for holding tinder", tinder being something combustible you use to start a fire. A tinderbox can also be a potentially dangerous situation or location.

The proper usage of the term is as an insult that sarcastically implies that somebody is 'fake tough'.
"Dang B! The Angeles National Forest is a tinderbox during the hot, arid summer."

"Hey tinderbox, wanna do something about it?"
by The amazing hobo September 15, 2004
29 19
A redhead's vagina.
The paparazzi got a great upskirt shot of Lindsay Lohan's tinderbox.
by lmno123 April 10, 2009
31 12
The term used for a girl one finds on the dating app "Tinder" when your sole intention is to fuck the shit out of her box.
Roommate - "Have you found anyone new on Tinder?"

Me - "Yeah, I found a new tinderbox last night. I bet she can't wait until my dick is inside her."
by The AFM February 19, 2014
5 1
The soft bit of skin between your balls and your arsehole.
"Oh my jeans are grinding against my Tinderbox"
by Jonny83 June 27, 2007
7 22