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Means anyone who is beautiful, intelligent, kind hearted and has a loving soul that flutters around like a butterfly from place to place sprinkling magic dust to make the lives of others a little more enjoyable.
"Today a Tindall flew up to me and made my life a little more enjoyable"
Tindall's can appear unannounced but their visits are always rewarding.
by Kzabeege February 24, 2010
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A Tindall is a great name that goes back to the dawn of time. It is seen that most Tindall's achieve great things in their future. They are known to light up a room with their great wisdom and social standing. Never speak poorly of them because they can put you back in your place. They are always determined and have a great opinion on things.
Person 1: Do you know what to do for this?

Person 2: How would i know? Just go ask Tindall over there!

Person 1: OMA that Tindall is sooooo annoying!!!

*Person 1 gets zapped into obliveration*

Person 2: Stupid Person 2... -_-
by Moon_Kingdom December 01, 2011

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