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In sports; to go for and miss a single extremely difficult play or shot repeatedly and stubbornly, thereby ruining any chance of success in the overall game.
"Dude, you were winning up till that 10 on the par five. What happened?"
"I totally tin cupped it man."

"Did you see Joe tin cup that basketball game?"
"Yeah man, he had the wide open lay up but just had to go for the three."
by mrbojangals May 28, 2010
When you are pursuing a member of the opposite sex.
Hey did you see Royal and Morgan?
Tin Cup?!?
Yep! Tiiiiiinnnn Cuuuuup!
by kernelcornyjoker August 30, 2011
TINCUP's full name is Mark Tincup. TINCUP is an up and coming trap/dubstep artist on SoundCloud. His music is a mix between jazz, hip hop, trap, and dubstep. Popular songs include DRiP, Two Seat, TNT, Sour Diesel, Like You, and 99. His album entitled "Anxiety EP" is now available on Spotify, and his songs are all free to download on SoundCloud. He works with many other DJs including Crichy Crich, Riff Raff, TroyBoi, and Shroggy.
"Hey man, have you heard the new TINCUP songs?"
"Nah dude, I'll check em out on SoundCloud tonight!"
by Honger March 12, 2015
the worst damn movie in the world
i hate tin cup

it sux
by screwster May 10, 2005

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