An endangered indian specie due to urbanization. The last one is actually living in "Fort Apache".
The Timo Tehuelche specie is a sub specie of the most general wimpa species.
Oh Timo, the last tehuelche.
by vx February 08, 2005
Abbreviation for a small suburb of Baltimore. Real name: Timonium
Instead of saying "TimOWEnium" like a true Balmorean, you can just shorten it to "Timo".
by Mariposa29 April 24, 2005
Timo is a fag who loves pleasuring himself with a dildo and mastrubating to gay hentai pron. Timo is a fag
Oh my god is he limping?
Just like timo after he got through with himself last night,
by PeachesPimp September 08, 2011
A very bad anal disease.
OMG your ass looks weird do you have timo???
by roflpanttoffelf May 11, 2009

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