The ability to start over and over and over and over again, without ever learning anything
you get caught, you try again, same shit, different state
by smarterthanthat May 05, 2004
Top Definition
A religion based on the belief that Tim exists.
I saw Tim lose at ping-pong the other day. I guess I'm a believer in Timism.
by born_again_timist September 05, 2007
Timism is a simple religion.
It is the beleif in a guy named Timothy Drobniak.
Not that he is any sort of saviour, god, or higher being, only that he is. Believing that someone exists counts as a belief, and that's what Timists are sticking with when it comes to Timism.
Timism does not conflict with any other religion.
A Timist is a believer in Timism.
Timism is the only thing that truly makes sense to all people.
by xintellectualllx September 12, 2007
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