Variation of the word tidbit. An interesting factoid or piece of information about someone or something.
Girl: I hate mayonaisse.
Guy: Thats an interesting timbit.

---- OR

Guy: Here is a timbit for you: elephants can't jump.
#tidbit #timbit #factoid #info #quirk
by Sunshyne7 January 22, 2010
The real word for stupid donut wholes.
Terry ate a TimBit and then ate some more TimBits.
by No April 05, 2005
the ghetto ass Candaian version of Dunkin' Donuts munchkins. Tim Horton can teabag on my nutz EARLY!
Keyshawn-Ayo i when to Canada for free drugs and got me sum ghetto munchkins. Who wants.
Donut man zaps Keyshawn-see what happens to ppl who go to Canada. tsk tsk.
by prince ingus April 11, 2005
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