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to make it work; to do anyting in your power to make a project succeed
-This project we haven't finished is due tomorrow!

-Don't worry, we'll Tim Gunn it and finish in time!
by boredincollege November 30, 2009
verb - To offer constructive feedback on a design before the design is carried out to fruition. Usually reserved for fashion but can apply to pretty much anything. Refers to Tim Gunn, from the American reality TV show, Project Runway.

Other variations include using names of the judges from Project Runway ("Heidi Klum it", "Michael Kors it", "Nina Garcia it") however, these would be used to criticize something after creation and not before.
"I have the draft done but I need someone to Tim Gunn it."

"OMG, did you see Betsy Johnson's new spring collection? Shoulda Tim Gunned that shit when it was still a sketch."
by Mitzi Y. March 31, 2008
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