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Tilehurst is a suburb in the town of Reading in Berkshire. It is home to a range of characters, including the poor and the wealthy.

Most people are content to highlight the fact that Tilehurst is home to the "Oxford Road" when infact there are wealthy parts of Tilehurst too.

The wealthier part of Tilehurst is Halls Road, and near the Birds Estate. The poorer part of Tilehurst is the Oxford Road, which is home to many residents on benefits.

Tilehurst is home to the original Tilehurst Triangle, which is a common hangout for teenagers and has a KFC and Co-Operative nearby.
John: So where do you live?
Kate: I live in Tilehurst
John: (Shocked) Oh shit what have I got myself in for?
Kate: No I live near Halls Road.
John: Oh! That's fine then
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by OnlineDictionary August 02, 2012
most probabally worse than whitley in some areas. the snobbier part of tilehurst would be up by the bear inn and water tower. then once your down norcot road, you better start wearing bullet proof jackets, and eat Halal meat.
I live in Tilehurst, by the water tower.. NO, NO, NOT by the Oxford Road.
#reading #berkshire #oxford road #halal #tilehurst
by K.Dot. April 30, 2009
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