Top Definition
A woman with very large breaststitties will become tiggs
A girls displayed her tiggs as she was undressing at the beach
by Kennyboy1223 November 09, 2007
A slang term for a part of the male reproductive organs (Testicles)
Whilst getting dressed one morning John got his Tiggs caught in his zipper...
by Darren Walker December 16, 2004
A tigg is someone who's someone who's weak and defenseless. Normally in the form of older guys who are virgins for life
Guy 1: Look at that tigg!

Guy 2: He's definitely a virgin for life, he's the definition of tigg!
by TiggHunter! June 02, 2010
a tiggs is what might be called a fucking nazi slag
Tiggs is a fucking Nazi Slag!!
by LOLPWNED April 29, 2005
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