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To drop a verbal bomb onto a conversation or a severe diss onto someone who attempt to diss you.

similar to pwned owned and burned only the exclusively verbal equvalent and much more hilarious
John: Dude i stole your girlfriend!! I took her on a date yesterday and she said she'd go out with me and kissed me on the cheek!

Me (You): Your sister and i lost our virginities to eachother last night. Every sexual position we could think of and she recorded the whole thing, then texted it to me and i showed it to everyone. She was very happy i did and we made out and fondled infront of everyone, at least 8 times today. She's such a Girl Next Door


Rick: Yup, she moaned REALLY REALLY loud

Daniel: (Laughing so hard he's red) You got Tiger Bombed!!!
by Juggularnaut November 03, 2009
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