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Large bresats, in other words" Big O Tities".
Those are some tig O bities.
by Osvaldo Pavel Arreola December 02, 2003

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tig o bity
Large breasts; in other words "Big O Tities"
She has some tig O bities!
by Pavel Arreola December 02, 2003
big tits
damn that gurl has tig o bities!!
by big tit lover June 06, 2003
A descreet way of saying a girl has large breast. The flipping of the first letters of Big O' Tities.
Damn, that girl got some tig o' bities
by 121Chino141 June 21, 2006
The mature way to say a women has large breasts.
Example 1;
guy 1: Did you see those huge tits?
guy 2: Dude those were some Tig-O-Bitys.
Example 2;
Katelyn has some Tig-O-Bitys.
by main attraction man November 08, 2011