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Typical held by large males who bath infrequently. Ways to identify the Tier 2 technician:

1. Addicted to WOW (World of Warcraft)
2. Plays D&D on lunch breaks.
3. Can recite word for word any Monty Python Movie. (Ditto for any Star Wars)
4. Normally unkempt, dirty, smells especially offensive after an all night LAN party.
5. Breath can knock a buzzard off a caca wagon at 50 yards.
6. Wears retro video game t-shirts.
7. Thinks everyone that matters can read binary.
8. Thinks most people they speak to on the phone are in need of an IQ injection.
9. Still has infantile fantasies about "Threes Company" stars.
10. Will often work for bandwidth.
Upon hearing that a new Star Wars film was going to be released, Andrew a Tier 2 Tech Support Agent put in for his vacation so that he could have a chance being first in to see the movie.
by Dan English September 10, 2006
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