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They go in and out, one can't explain it.
The way the tides move is a complete mystery.
by Erthely January 16, 2012
What most white Caucasian people smell like. Comes from the brand of laundry detergent they all use, Tide.
KA: yo this cracka smell like tide
White man: leave me alone negros
FR: hey pasty white pastrami I make u my bitch
by Young Reezie January 23, 2008
good looking person used in scotland
"holy s***t tht guy is well tide!!"
"yea i would"
by sarah 6666666 May 09, 2008
1) To prepare a pile of cut marijuana for use in a blunt, or other smoking preference involving the tuck method or tucking; often done with a credit card.

2)To create a pile of cut weed with a credit card, often preceding a tuck.

The act of "tiding" was given its name by the resemblence of an ocean tide going back and forth, this is the motion one uses (back and forth) when tiding.
My boy Mo gotta tide that pile of weed back up so we can pack that bowl/tuck that blunt.

Man, tide that shit up homie.
by Cotton Mouth April 01, 2005
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