All of midwestern America during the winter, especially Minnesota.

A word-play on the term nippy to describe cold weather and simultaneously include boobs nonchalantly in the conversation. Often followed by some form of "the breast of weather" to keep the joke going.
Matt: Wow, tid bit nipply out here, ain't it?
Sarah: Yeah, not exactly the breast of weather.
by sky.thief January 02, 2010
Top Definition
A phrase used to describe a chilly, brisk temperature; cold enough to cause your nipples to harden if you are without a jacket or overcoat.
“Is it cold out today?”
“It’s a tid bit nipply, but not too bad.”
by Dr. Beta March 30, 2008
another way of saying its a little chilly
hey lindsey it looks a tid bit nipply in here huh?
by adjd October 30, 2007
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