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"Tickle Time" is becoming a vastly popular activity in sixth form centres across the UK. Originating from the small village of Etwall on a hot summer's day, were by one man was tickled until he could not breathe. It was decided that this would become a daily occurence at 1 p.m every weekday, due to its sheer comic value. This purist approach is the most favourable but many revoultionaries have decided that in order for the victim to be tickled, they must first be defeated in a wrestling match. This new approach to "Tickle Time" has made 1 o clock's across the country a very entertaining and social occasion.
Person A:- Mate, its 12.55p.m get ready to tickle Tommy!
Person B:- Don't worry, I'm wrestling him today and his ass is going down. I'm gonna tickle him till he bleeds.
by CrotchMeista88 July 17, 2005
the "time" when your grandma chases you around the house and screams tickletime. then finally catches your sorry ass, then pinning you down and tickling the shit out of you.
Grandma: hey jimmy you know what time it is?
Jimmy: what?
Grandma: Tickle time
Jimmy: FUCK!
by roflcopteringloser February 04, 2011
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