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A game played among a group of guys in a bar/club where the objective is to slip a girl a roofie ONLY by making out with her and slipping a roofie from your mouth into hers. If you can't get a girl, the roofie slowly dissolves (like a ticking time bomb) and you yourself get roofied.

Each player gets one roofie to play with. To begin, each player takes one Jamaica rum shot (to cleanse the palate) and then they place a roofie in their mouth, clenching it lightly between their teeth in their cheek. The roofie will begin to dissolve, but since it is clenched in between the top and bottom teeth it will dissolve very slowly. Find a girl (preferably drunk), make out with her, slip her the pill, and then give her a sip of your drink. BOOM! You're a winner.
Bro let's play Ticking Time Bomb this weekend because I'm trying to get fucked or fucked up. Dude did you see me sly rape that girl? Yea me and my boys were playing Ticking Time Bomb and I totally sly raped her. I'm tired of playing Roofie Roulette, let's play Ticking Time Bomb.
by BsAs11 May 03, 2011
When you put both you balls sticking out through the top band of your underwhere and you tap them both with your palm causing the ticking time bomb
hey look
Kaboom bitch you just got ticking time bombed
by Frank The Tank1454 November 02, 2010
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