Tia is a gorgeous amazing girl always looking out for friends even people she doesn't know, she can be shy but she's confident and smart independent but she doesn't like being disrespected she hates people who think to much of themselves

We love Tia
Omg, that girl what's her name? She most be a Tia!
by smellyberry May 10, 2014
An amazing girl who doesn't know it. Very modest and always willing to help. She loves love and is always daydreaming about it. Tias have an amazing figure, a beautiful face, and a sumptuous personality. She's a good dancer and VERY good in bed. Men fall for her easily but she is picky when it comes to who she falls for.
-Wow that Tia is amazing!
-Yeah, she's taken though
-By who?
-By me!
by XenaRage May 15, 2011
Short form for Thanks in advance.
For simple texting:
Person 1: Could you send me the details for tomorrow's event? TIA.
Person 2: Sure. No problem.
by Janice Mints March 09, 2012
1: Usado en muchos casos para describir, de una forma a coloquial, una chica o mujer

2: This/That is Amazing/Awesome, usado normalmente en chats de juegos para acortar palabras.
1: Heh! Esa es la tía que me saludó ayer!

2: Wow! Is enormus! TIA!
by Agirres May 26, 2015
tia, meaning earth in old aboriginal culture
tia is our mother
by brrapx October 12, 2011
1. This Is Awkward
(pronounced like a name.....tee-aah)
1. Joe & Joanne: (grunts and noises on the bed)

Joe: Joanne this sex is so good! (Joanne's parents walk in)

Joanne's parents: WTFF!!!

Joe & Joanne: ...T.I.A...
by EAZi January 12, 2011
Tia is a short form of Tiana. Tia is a female name. Most Tias have dark hair and eyes and they're parents aren't American or Canadian. Tias can get mad easily and when they are they're really mad. So don't get on they're nerves! They normally have long hair too and aren't into being popular or anything. They are great people though and won't let you down if you're they're your friend.
Person #1: Hey look at her she has long dark hair. Must be a Tia.

Person #2: She is. But she can get really mad if you mess with her, so don't ask her out.
by Awesomest Person Ever!😋 February 07, 2015

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