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A drinking game to be played with a group of people and alot of beer. You sit in a circle and begin playing the song "Thunderstruck" and designate an order to go in. Everytime they say "thunder" the next person begins drinking, and drinks until the next time they say it, then the guy next to him drinks...Whoever gets hungup on a guitar solo gets truely thunderfucked.
Yo we got so hammered last night playing thunderfucked.
by MikeKink June 19, 2008
Weed so deadly, whoever smokes it is instantly thunderfucked. Guaranteed to disable even the most hardcore of potheads.
Hey Mikey, your handling this shit pretty well.
Naa man, i gotta sit down, I'm thunderfucked.
by Hulio K March 31, 2013
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