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A queef that is as loud as thunder. Can also be used to describe someone who queefs like thunder. Usually a very sexually active girl with a loose vagina.
Ex 1: I heard Greg's girl lets crazy thunder queefs out after sex.

Ex 2: Sterla you are one slutty thunder queef!!!
by GOO May 29, 2005
A woman who has had so much sex that when she queefs it rumbles like thunder; a sound that echoes and vibrates in the air like thunder, often produced from a woman who is sexually promiscuous or loose.
"Dude, what was that sound?" "Dude, it just came from Thunder Queef!"

"Its sound was so amazingly disgusting, I thought that it was a thunder queef."
by Rocky the Squirrel April 01, 2008
When a woman with thunder thighs queefs so hard that it ripples her thighs.

Created by: Skyler Fridriksson and Anthony Allen

Witness: Jenna Riewer
"Man, I'm usually into bigger women but those Thunderqueefs just kill me."

by skylerandanthony April 12, 2009
When someone has a bad case of the queefs. Or when thunder and lightening comes out of the vagina after or durning giving birth to a baby. Or a queef that is so loud that it sounds like thunder.
Dammmn son look at that those thunder queefs! We need a doplar system for that shit.
by Bochickawowowow October 29, 2007
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