Another word for ecstasy
1) Don't drop the thun thun!
2) Did you know Karl Korn dropped than thun thun?
by Young Scooter July 05, 2013
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Originated in early to mid-90's in Queens, NYC. Brought to web by Kaedaq in the late 90's

Thun is a version of the slang term "son". Was born in 93 when Queens residents started to pronounce words that began with the letter "S" with the "Th" sound instead, thus giving it a lispy sound.

Contrary to some belief, it is NOT a form of the word "thug".
Thup my thun?
by LilGeeezy September 16, 2009
queens, New york way of saying Thug.

A: what you think you are a thun.
B: let me guess, your from queens.
A: yea mother fucker...718 all day.
by InFaMoUs Ny July 10, 2008
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