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A misspelling of "Thumbs up" which is used all too often, mainly on websites which include comment ratings, such as Youtube.
"I wonder how many thumps up I can get!" - Not many until you learn how to fucking spell
by CalTheAwesome October 05, 2011
A term that is often used by users commenting on the website to describe the act of hitting the "Thumbs Up" button on YouTube. Often used in reply to videos that are either very popular (pop music, new movie trailers, comedy shorts, or "Fail" videos), or "ghetto fight" videos that stimulate the viewers brains into complete and utter fuckification of words.

Usually attributed to poor education as a child, overuse of spellcheck, or in the most liekly scenario, both.

Also attributed to people who purposely misspell words to be cool while interacting with their peers through textual services that are likely unable to spell the original word.
"Thumps Up! i no u no diz movie iz g00d prez day byttn rite dere.. smh"
by Arklenao December 17, 2011
The act of slapping your own butt in an upward motion with your flat outstretched palm, in a moment of severe agony resulting out of a sharp shooting pain in the abdominal area.
Derivative of the word 'thump' and the direction in which this action occurs (up).
After his daily morning routine of standing on his head, the philosopher of future mankind usually thumps up twice to rearrange his displaced innards.
by Hans Landa September 16, 2009
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