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An exciting fusion of Dubstep and Hip Hop (in particular, Southern Hip Hop), or Dubstep and Grime music...

This trend originally started in 2007 on the east coast with DJ Nappy, and has since been embraced by numerous other DJs across the globe; for example, DJ Cable from the UK, Shawn Livewire, etc...
Slim Thug "Like A Boss" (Nappy Vs. Vex'd Thugstep Mix)

DJ Cable Vs. Tempa T & Rusko "Mr. Muscle's Hype"

Shawn Livewire Vs. Benga & MIMS "This Is Why I'm Crunked Up"
by mr_smith November 06, 2009
a sick new genre of underground music combining dubstep and rap which is gaining popularity on the east coast of america.
Nothing less by DJ Nappy, the best thugstep DJ
by drmln February 25, 2008
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