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1. A mythological store (usually located in "the ghetto") where people who possess a home-made "thug-look" (of any genre or denomination) purchase their attire, acutrement and accessories. (This includes clothes, other wearables and possessions of any sort including extremely patched up pants, studded jackets, mad-max-looking automobiles, custom bycicles, crowbars and pipebombs.)

2. A person with home-made or DIY gear.

3. Any object which may have originated from the Thugmart.
1. Joe-schmoe: "Hey dude, where'd you get that badass studed jacket/vest/backpack/forehead?"
Crustopher: Thugmart, dude!

2. "Crustina is totally Thugmart!!"

3. "Hey Malicen, that pipebomb/bycicle is hella Thugmart."
by Analspittoon December 24, 2004
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