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A curious food of variable sizes whose owner is always looking to feed it to someone else. Found both domestically and abroad, this delicacy is commonly served with a robust white sauce.
Bon apetite.
My woman was getting hungry one night, so I threw down the tubesteak. I can't believe she ate the whole thing! We're so very proud.
by AnalSpittoon December 22, 2004
A massive waste of time. Defiance of time, either physically, figuratively or philisophically. To rebel against the idea of time. To regress socially or politically on a macro level. The destruction of time itself.
(adj. Chronocidal)
"Electoral politics is chronocide for civil rights."
by AnalSpittoon December 22, 2004
1. A mythological store (usually located in "the ghetto") where people who possess a home-made "thug-look" (of any genre or denomination) purchase their attire, acutrement and accessories. (This includes clothes, other wearables and possessions of any sort including extremely patched up pants, studded jackets, mad-max-looking automobiles, custom bycicles, crowbars and pipebombs.)

2. A person with home-made or DIY gear.

3. Any object which may have originated from the Thugmart.
1. Joe-schmoe: "Hey dude, where'd you get that badass studed jacket/vest/backpack/forehead?"
Crustopher: Thugmart, dude!

2. "Crustina is totally Thugmart!!"

3. "Hey Malicen, that pipebomb/bycicle is hella Thugmart."
by Analspittoon December 24, 2004
1. The greasy fetid cornhole of a McDonalds patron.

2. Any proponent of corporate fascism.
1. "Smegory was pounding Ronald's McButthole with his man-sized manacotti."

2. "Union Carbide is a McButthole." (see Bhopal)
by Analspittoon December 24, 2004
The insatiable craving for penis.
I pissing off to the bar--gotta sate my cockhunger.
by AnalSpittoon December 22, 2004
A violent waste of time. Extreme waste of time. Failing to keep track of time. The destruction of usefulness by inaction. The cessation of time or of conceptual of time. The removal of all notion or sense of time. Negligence of time. Defiance of the principal of time.
(See also chronocide)
I spent HOURS on the interweb today, but didn't get a thing done. Complete chronoslaughter!
by AnalSpittoon December 22, 2004
One who chronically enguages in and/or ingests McGina/McDouche.
A new kind of Mac Attack: McPhilliac.
by AnalSpittoon December 22, 2004
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