an unshaven vagina. generally, extremely disgusting to all senses.
"I haven't shaved my vagina in a week!"
by DAJM February 24, 2008
Top Definition
Either living or pretending to live a criminalistic lifestyle, ie. no job with a mouthful of gold (or platinum),rolling around in a busted out ride with the trunk rattling due to excessive booty bass, pickin up welfare checks at the baby-mama's house and proceding to buy 40's and blunts.
T-Roy not a playa, he be thuggin.
by Mcfelcha January 27, 2003
keepin it hood and dont give a fuck
Damn nigga u thuggin out da box
by fdfdbiuhgfbnkj November 08, 2008
Riding on something pink while blaring hannah Montana
Woah Joshua was tottaly thuggin yesterday
by Da bomb diggity January 02, 2014
meaning 1:"the bomb", awesome, totally banging
meaning 2: extremely ghetto, "da hood"
meaning 1: That concert last night was so thuggin!
meaing 2: That black guy was so thuggin!
by thugginmofo July 11, 2010
verb: used by white batty bois (qv) to indicate the act of cruising the streets looking for a horny gangster-style black guy (especially a thug) who want to bust a nut; the activity undertaken by a thug hunter
Ross had been out thuggin the night before
by BattyBoi_ThugHunter July 01, 2011
word or phrase you use when a boy doesn't take a bath for days at a time.
man Darnell stay "thuggin",he been wearing that same outfit for two days now.
by wassaw3 November 27, 2009
black people walkin not on sidewalks
look at the guy thuggin down the street
by Ke$ha January 11, 2010
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