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one part Alizé one part crystal; This drink is Gauranteed to get the pussy wet and the dick hard
Thug Passion Is the shit! RIP 2pac
by ac February 09, 2004
Others are wrong. It's a drink made up of 1/2 Alize 1/2 crystal. This drink was created by Tupac Shakur (RIP) He was going to sell it but he died. He even wrote a song for it titled Thug Passion.
Shit man i got hella wasted from that thug passion
by Schlitter22 November 17, 2006
In gay vernacular, it means when a guy has an attraction to thugs a.k.a. tough macho (usually Latino and Black) guys.
David only dates thugs he's got a bad case of thug passion.

Friend: Yo, Jose stop staring at those gangsta, thug dudes.
Jose: Can't help it, yo, I got me some thug passion.
Friend: You betta hope they homo thugs.
by Boogie Down Chuckie G August 27, 2010
A combination drink. By mixing 1/2 alize, and 1/2 hennessy u'll live it up the thug way
thug passion
by pookie November 16, 2003
The way in which gangstas treat a female. A synonym of thug love.
While the bitch was slobbing my nob like a Hoover, some motherfucker walked in and started yelling that it was his bitch. Fortunately I had a gat in my hand at the time, so I shot the fool. That's what I call thug passion.
by Nick D January 13, 2004
While the traditional thug passion is one part alize one party hennesey, the sexual term "Thug Passion" involved a dude banging a chick from behind, he then knocks her out using chloroform, cums on her face, and then pours a 40 oz. on it.
Yo dude, I got Shawntee with that Thug Passion last night.
by Shellzsta August 24, 2006