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a sexual act similar to titty-f**k where the guy inserts his penis in between a large set of titties and the girl pushes her titties inward towards the penis mulitple times fast to give the dick a sensation of throbbing
Me: Dude i was with my b***h last night and I came instantly--it was weird.

Ron: dude i thought you could f**k like a champ!? what happened?

Me: We didn't have sex--she have me a throb job it was tittitastic
by ryrymomo February 22, 2011
A lady, who to put it mildly, has a vagina that bares the signs and scars of much over-use in its time.
Person 1: So, did you fuck the shit out of that girl you keep chatting about.

Person 2: Look I'd rather leave this stone unturned, get my message.

Person 1: What, don't put that evil on me. Give me a straight answer, what's the problem.

Person 2: Well, she... she was a fucking throb-job you hear, her vagina looked like a fucking cement mixer ok, I'd need a fucking tree trunk just to hit the spot in that thing.

Person 1: Whoa man... you mean to tell me, that you... you never took your chances, she's like the hottest girl around the whole state.

Person 2: Well you try fucking her when you're presenting a fucking mountain with a bonsai tree, look it's her fault... I'm built just fine, so wipe that fucking smirk off your face.
by Robert Head April 04, 2007
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