Females who hang with and occasionally date members of Thrillhouse.
Megan, Carrie, and Kelly hang out with Thrillhouse so much they must be the Thrillhos.
by Megan Travers February 29, 2004
Top Definition
an 8-character truncation of the username "Thrillhouse" which occurs when Milhouse Van Houten enters this nickname prior to playing the video game Bonestorm in an episode (3F07) of The Simpsons.
Milhouse: This is great...and all I've done is enter my name: "Thrillhouse!"
by thrillho December 29, 2005
A syrup substance which for centuries has been used as a cure-all tonic. The syrup is created by crushing various nuts into a fine dust and placing them in a males urethra. When urinated, the dust will have a syrup-like consistency and become the legendary Thrillho.
A little thrillho will clear up that cancer.
by I hate everything you like June 21, 2006
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