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For those of us working 4 day weeks, this is the Thursday-Friday combination that defines the weekend.

Also the Thursday prior to a Friday holiday, for those unlucky slobs working a normal 5 day week.
It's THRIDAY! What are your plans for the weekend?
#thursday #friday #weekend #tgif #week
by 2Stepz April 21, 2006
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The Thursday before a Friday holiday.
I can only take 4 days of workweek hell! Thanks to the holiday, it's Thriday!
by AJ June 25, 2004
(n.) When a Thursday feels like a Friday and/or assumes the role of one
Wow, since there's no school on Friday, tomorrow is a Thriday.
#thursday #friday #weekend #relax #feeling
by M41N5TR34M September 24, 2014
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