A small cinnamon treat that has medicinal cannibus baked into it. It is sold to patients at many California medical marijuana dispensaries including Long Beach Compassionate Cooperative (LBCC). It is known for it's 7X strength. It is about two bites in size, but packs a big enough punch to relax a large individual in 20 minutes with an awesome body high!
Today I purchased a thricky at LBCC and about 20 minutes after eating, I melted into my couch.
by highbri April 09, 2007
A cinnamon, marijuana laced eatible sold to medical marijuana patients in California. Known for it's 7X strength, it packs quite a punch!!!
I purchased a thricky at LBCC, and after two bites I was stuck on the couch!!!
by highbri April 12, 2007
A tricky person who can't spell maybe.
by Anonymous July 14, 2003

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