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The school district where the Brookhaven kids go.

Minnesauke: The only school with an ESL program. All the prude kids went here. No doubt all of the girls dress in Abercrombie and Fitch and if you don't you ain't cool. All of the boys are either pokemon obsessed losers or jocks. They go to Gelinas for middle school

Setauket: No doubt, this is where the sluts come from. Wearing miniskirts, shortshorts and abercrombie by the time they're seven years old, the girls are the sluttiest of the five elementary schools. As for the guys, here is where the skaters, punks, and emos come from. They all like to think they're the best elementary school in the district, but minnesauke is better. They go to Gelinas

Nassakeg: Almost everyone who went here is a jock or prep. End of story. No one really cares about them. They get split up between Gelinas and Murphy

Arrowhead: Does anyone really know? Does anyone really CARE? they all go to murphy

Mount: If you go here your either less wealthy than the other schools, or in the IG program. All of the freaky asians went here because they're all geniuses, and all of the foreigners went here because they all live in south setauket. Gets divided between murphy and gelinas depending on a) location or b) what school you went to before IG

Middle schools'

Gelinas: Better sports teams than Murphy except for football, our football team sucks. Girls soccer team has been undefeated for FIVE YEARS and murphy refuses to scrimmage them because everyone has to unite at Stony Brook Soccer. The kids here vary from jocks, emos, punks, stoners, and preps. Everyone's got their own personality. If you haven't been high atleast once, you didn't go to gelinas. Murphy's got the thugs, Gelinas got the thugs. They also tend to speak they're own language

Murphy: The less wealthy and less popular of the two schools. The kids who live in south setauket go here, and they tend to be lower class. The kids there think they're tougher than the gelinas kids, but generally aren't, with just a few exceptions. They're still lovable as any Brookhaven kid.

The Highschool

Ward Melville: The "pharmacy" everyone in Ward Melville does drugs. This is wear the two middle schools combine, so you have a good mix of kids. Some are normal, some are not. Major drama goes down here but they have some of the best parties.

Three village as a whole: Some chill kids and some not so chill kids. People like to bad-talk us cause they know they don't have the money to go here, but we don't care. We're happy as we are, meeting up with friends by seport or via. There are so many cliques its impossible to be a loner. Intelligence wise, we sit right in between. We ain't horrible, but we ain't the top dogs either.
Three village kids

Minnesauke Kid: I'm just normal kid!

Setauket Girl: Yo. I may only be twelve but can I give you head?

Setauket Guy: Yeah sure, then I'm gonna go grab my skateboard and skate via with the guys

Mount IG kid: E= MC2 :)

Other mount kid: Ya man. I be doin the english real good.


Gelinas skater: Ya man. Watch me do a steezy-ass kickflip

Other G Skater: Oh mannn What a beast! lets go bake now, i really want to light up

Butt ugly Gelinas Girl: We're so hot, everyone is jealous

Good-lookin Gelinas girl: UGH IM SO FAT

Jock boy: why don't you run 2543543 miles with me! then we can go swimming!

Stoner: I just blazed out of an apple!


Murphy kid: Let's be 100% straight edge and go play some sports or skate. Or we could drink, just a little

Murphy girl: Naw. I just wanna give you head. Or maybe we could bang!

Ward Melville kid: Let's do some dip or pot, then we'll go watch a metal concert at the crazy donkey, then we'll get drunk and you can sleep over
by 3Vkid August 13, 2009
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